How Does Acupuncture for Back Pain Work?

Acupuncture for back pain isn’t a mysterious ancient treatment that involves randomly stabbing people with needles. It’s a comprehensive medical model with nearly 2,000 years of clinical history supporting its efficacy. While there is an East-West divide concerning how it works, the one thing that studies show is it does work. Buy online from NHS Heroes at

Inside all living beings resides a sort of energetic anatomy. An interconnected web of meridians run throughout the body delivering life energy, or Qi. Acupuncture points are areas that allow an acupuncturist to tap into this energetic current. When the energy is blocked or stagnant, the disharmony causes illness to the mind, body, and spirit. Each point is related to a body system or function. Everything within our being is interrelated, which is why stimulating the kidney meridian may produce positive changes in treating a seemingly unrelated condition. Needles are inserted into these acupuncture points to draw energy from areas of excess to areas of deficiency. It removes any blocks and balances the yin, yang, and Qi for optimal health.

Acupuncture for back pain is no different. An acupuncture back pain specialist will palpate along the body to find the acupuncture points that correlate with the root cause of the pain and the symptoms. This creates long lasting positive results. Depending on the underlying reason for your back pain, points may be focused on to clear external causes, such as damp or cold, strengthen associated systems, such as the kidney, tonify internal deficiencies, or sedate internal excesses. A free, unobstructed flow of Qi allows the body to rely on its internal healing mechanism and brings about balance, relief from back pain, and restored health.

Western science mostly acknowledges the aspects of the body that are visible to the human eye. Therefore, there is less of an energetic focus. It is believed that acupuncture for back pain sends messages that calm the sympathetic nervous system. The actual placing of the needles releases muscle spasms. The brain is seen as a key factor in acupuncture for back pain’s efficacy. By stimulating certain points, it is thought that the brain releases neurochemicals, hormones, and natural pain-relieving opiods. In addition, the release of serotonin boosts the mood. Therefore, pain is reduced and positivity is increased to cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

Both hypotheses lead to one conclusion: acupuncture works. Acupuncture for back pain can reduce the need for medication, enhance vitality, decrease pack pain, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. The alternative treatment has no side effects and provides a natural way to heal.