Big Chief Big Smoker Review

Smokehouse Big Chief Front Load Smoker

Smoking meat isn’t just cooking, it’s a passion. It’s not about creating food it’s about creating unforgettable food that reminds everyone of home. By using old school methods in the modern arena we now have access to some sensational meat dishes which can be simply prepared at home.

The idea of smoking meat is a simple but old concept. The idea is that cuts of meat would be cooked slowly and evenly over a steady fire (keeping the temperature the same). While the meat cooked the smoke from the wood would rise and infuse with the meat, this in turn led to some distinctive flavours in the tender meat. Different wood would provide different flavours with different intensity which was unique to that meat.

As you can imagine it’s become less practical to smoke meat for hours in the modern era. People don’t have the time to wait for their food and even if they do they can’t afford to be sat supervising the entire cooking process. Despite this people still love to smoke meat, it’s just become more of a special occasion.

The creation of the electric smoker came to try and simplify the process. The electric smoker can be easily set up in your home and allows you to control the temperature and smoke levels within the smoker. You can then just slide your meat in and let the cooking begin. There is no need to watch over the whole process but instead you can leave the meat cooking, knowing that a steady temperature will be maintained.

The result is deliciously cooked meat with little input from the chef. This has allowed smoking meat to make a big comeback in daily life. Suitable for large groups, or a small family and able to accommodate different cuts of meat or alternative dishes, the electric smoker is essential for your kitchen.

Big Chief Top Load Smoker

Big Chief Front Load SmokerElectric smokers are becoming increasingly popular and so the market has become crowded. We’ve searched the field and found what we consider to be one of the best electric smokers around, the Big Chief Smoker.

The Big Chief Top Load Smoker is receiving great feedback from users in the form of positive reviews across the net. It’s been well designed and does exactly what it says it does, beautifully cooks meat. It’s built with several features which make it superior to the competition:

● No Heat Loss

The Big Chief Smoker has been designed to retain it’s heat. It’s well insulated and made to keep a consistent temperature as it cooks. This is essential for the best quality smoked meat that will be consistently tender throughout.

● Huge Capacity

The Big Chief Smoker is called big for a reason. It can fit an awful lot of meat inside, up to 25 pounds. That makes it perfect for large gatherings of bbqs in your home.

● Dishwasher Safe

For convenience and speed the Big Chief Smoker is dishwasher safe. This means you don’t have to worry about scrubbing it clean, you can just let the dishwasher do it for you.

Overall the Big Chief Top Load Smoker is affordable, durable and reliable giving consistently good quality meat. Make sure you check out the Big Chief.